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Cop on a put put motercycle cahsing a speeder


  • More people have beaten their speeding ticket using the Tipmra defense then all the other speeding ticket  defenses put together
  • The  Free Tipmra pages for the general public contains more relevant  information then all the other speeding ticket defense sites combined

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Beat that Evil Speeding Violation

This is the Nationally recognized  THE NUMBER 1 place for information on beating any speeding ticket.

You will only find defense strategies that are Court Tested and Trial Proven to work consistently. The accumulation of the workable strategies is called The Tipmra which is named after the infamous armpit of Law enforcement, the speed trap cops. If you are confident in your material and know what you are doing, Beating your violation can be great fun.


Anyone can use the Tipmra to it's fullest effect

The tipmra is set up so that anyone can use it. You don't have to memories anything. The case laws that you present have been researched and provided for you. The motions you make, the questions you ask and your responses to any of the prosecutions or Judges objections are read in court from your notes. The Tipmra is in a 1,2,3 format where one item follows the other as events unfold at trial. But it is more then that; The Tipmra is also a full tutorial on the law and how it relates to beating your violation in court.


How not to get out of a speeding ticket


You get to Preview the Tipmra before you make a decision

I hate it, and I know you do as well when someone asks you to buy something but they won't tell you exactly what is is you are buying. They won't let you preview the product. Rather then giving you a preview they give you testimonials they wrote themselves.




First - The Basics: Please explore this site

Before you go defending yourself I suggest you explore this site. The wealth of information here is material to your defence and there is no substitute for knowledge. I know that there are sites that tell you that you don't have to understand what it is you are doing and that just a few magical words with a payment to them will win that violation for you. If you believe that then this is the wrong place for you.


Lesson 1; a sample speeding trial   CLICK HERE


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